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With over 300 Restaurant Listings from all over Cape Breton - including restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeouts, is the most comprehensive collection of Cape Breton eateries you'll find anywhere!

We discovered there wasn't one good "go-to" resource for finding restaurants all over Cape Breton, especially in small towns and tiny we decided to go ahead and BE that resource.
With just a few clicks, you can find a restaurant in any community that has one...whether it’s a large community, or a small one. 
What you have here is an easy-to-use directory of restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeouts...organized by "county". 

(We chose "county" because Cape Breton is divided into four, fairly intuitive, geographical counties.)
If you want to find a restaurant...simply:
(1) Click on the "County" (area) you plan to be in.
(2) Check out the list of alphabetically ordered communities at the top of the page. 
(3) Click on or tap that community name, and... 
(4) Scroll through the list of restaurants in that community. 


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